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Starlight Chain

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The characteristic feature is the special engraving, which is driven by hand with the chisel and shows the rune-like signs of the zodiac. This gives each piece its rough, distinctive charm. If you like, you can also have the back engraved, choose an individual engraving independent of the zodiac sign, or wear the pendant plain. The pendant has a hexagonal crystal shape and is made of 100% recycled silver. The textile band made of cotton can be adjusted to the desired length. The concise, expressive design and the casual cool look make the "Starlight" necklace a fascinating companion, which seems to have a piece of magic. It underlines the personality of its wearer and can be worn as partner jewelry and can also be a very personal gift.


Every ring or chain is made out of 100% recycled silver.

Care Instructions

How to properly take care of your new Purman jewelry:

- Avoid scratches by using the jewelry bags 

- Put off your necklace first, before you put off your shirt or hoodie

- Don't clean your jewelry with silver polishing agent. Since the black and dark parts are rusted silver, the jewelry will look different afterwards.

- Since our jewelry is "rusted" already, you are free to wear it under water or while showering