Our Philosophy

We are a group of young rebells based in Munich, Germany.
Purman is our way of protesting against the environmental disaster, we have created through the years.
Stay with us, if you want to support our planet.

Our Vision

Eco-friendly ist not a company or a product. All in all it's a way of life.
That's exactly what we stand for.
We want to change....
Let's renegade together the fashion industry and change

  • Quality

    We take our time for the production to ensure the highest possible quality. Every single piece is handmade with care and complete concentration.

  • Sustainability

    We seize any opportunity we get, to produce as eco-friendly as possible. Our materials are delivered regionally from Germany. Every product is delivered with DHL Go-Green, in the most sustainable packingings.

  • Transparency

    We are an open book. Nothing is hidden. No harmful chemicals, hidden pricesor whatsoever.

  • Individuality

    Every single piece of our collection is handmade. So it doesn't matter what you buy. Every purchase will be a unique piece of jewelry.

  • This is Purman

    from left to right: Ernest Lech, Azim Alizada, Silas Ferreira da Silva, Timothee Collinet