About us

Nowadays, most fashion brands revolve around consumption and status while they pretend to care about human rights and sustainability. Our vision is to make a change in the fashion industry. To bring it back to the values it lost and to the values it needs. That's why our mission statement is: 

Luxury with no bullshit 

Our Values


Since we want to provide a new and timeless style of jewelry, we do not follow and trends or other styles with our design. All of our inspiration comes from the light and dark sides of humanity.


Every single ring piece of jewelry in handcrafted in a workshop in Munich, Germany. We take our time for the production to ensure the highest possible quality.



We seize any opportunity we get, to produce as eco-friendly as possible. That's why we only use 100% recycled sterling silver provided by the Bauer Walser AG in Pforzheim, Germany



We try to to as open as we can. That's why we show you exactly how we make our jewelry and what is happening behind the scenes.