Are you:

- not finding jewelry you really like ?

- wanting to upgrade your outfits ?

- not happy with your current jewelry ?

- tired of buying from fast fashion as it is not unique, low-quality & bad for the environment?

- not willed to pay 500€+ for designer jewelry that is outdated next season?

We got you!

Purman is a young local jewelry manufacture with the mission to make luxury sustainable and affordable!

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Timeless Looks!

Our jewelry is designed to last a lifetime. Not only through the use of Sterling Silver but also with a minimalistic approach, you can be sure that you can wear your jewelry forever!

Highest quality materials & manufacturing!

100% handmade and 100% sustainable, thats our promise to you! Our quality standards are way above what fast fashion or designer brands offer, as every step of the manufacturing process is done with full commitment to the craft.

"I always get asked where i got my jewelry from when I'm going outside!"

- David , 23

More affordable than most designer brands

We dont invest much in marketing and we give that back to you! The industry overcharges customers for their ridicolously high marketing spendings which have nothing to do with the quality of the jewelry, we don't do that.

Definitely Unique!

As every piece is entirely handmade, each ring has his own identity and no two rings look exactly the same. Also you can be sure that you stand out against someone wearing fast fashion jewelry!

"I'm wearing my rings almost every day at this point. It has become like a part of me!"

- Silas, 24

Upgrades any outfit!

The combination of silver as a material and a minimal design allows you to wear your rings to every occasion or every outfit!

100% Handmade and Sustainable!

Multiple hours of hard work and dedication go into the manufacturing process of each ring. From bringing it into the final form, over graving it up to polishing it at the end, each step is done manually and with sustainability in mind!

Get yourself your perfect Ring:

Want your ring customized?

Just get in contact with us through the Chat at the bottom right side of the page!

Not sure about your ring size?

Just order a ring sizer from us and you will receive a discount matching the price of the ring sizer for your next order! Isn't that cool?

Get your ring sizer here!