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This season is all about team spirit. About supporting each other, even during the tough times.It is not only what we want to express with the jewelry. This time we want to make a contribution. 

"не одинокий волк" is Russian and means: "No lonely wolf".

And that's what this collection is about.



    We at Purman don't believe in hype. Our jewelry is supposed to be as unique as the person wearing it and is meant to last with you for a long time.


    Our sustainable silver jewelry is handmade in Germany. In detailed work, our team forges every piece on its own, with the vision in mind that you get something that you love and that stays with you.


    Every piece here at Purman is made out of entirely recycled sterling silver and is officially certified for that. We want to create long lasting and sustainable silver jewelry.

  • Designed with nature in mind

    The Purman Collections resemble the wild and simplistic design of nature. Hard edges and cuts with the spirit of messages carved in stone. It's time to unleash the wild and untamed beast inside yourself!

  • Sustainable Production

    One of our main goals at Purman is to create silver jewelry that is sustainable and fashionable. The resources for each piece are from local suppliers with high ethical standards. Our packaging is made using sustainable forestry and fully recyclable while the shipment is climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen.